Fr. / 04. MAI 2018: Necrotted | Casket | Theropoda | HerezA | Loss of Charity

Einlass: 18:45 Uhr, Beginn: 19:15 Uhr


Death Metal from Abtsgmünd (Germany) since 2008


Already formed back in 1990, CASKET started to torment their instruments with savagery, fury and relentless brutality, but also with an overdose of enthusiasm and nonchalance.
If you listen to CASKET, you listen to no trends, no hypes, just honest Death Metal!


Founded in June 2012 as a simple oldschool Death Metal Band, Theropoda’s musical style soon started to evolve. Whilst still playing straight forward, heavy Death Metal songs, we now implement more and more technical and progressive influences into our music. We take our music and band very serious, however we still retain an old school, rock’n’roll attitude and don’t take ourselves too seriously.


Originally from Croatia, now blasting from Stuttgart, Germany!
February 13th 2017., HerezA releases its second full length album "I Become Death" via Godz ov War Productions.

Loss of Charity

The southern German Metal Brigade Loss of Charity is a Death Metal Band, but also draws its influences from many other genres of music to create a modern and unique sound. Heavy Riffs accompanied by melodic passages and Combined with massive drums, brutal vocals and thoughtful songwriting introduce new sounds and nuances into the world of Death Metal. With their EP, Loss of Charity are ready to hit the stages and deliver you the message of modern Death Metal!

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