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The Moor is a progressive metal band with ever-evolving sound facets, hailing from mainland Venice, Italy. After their debut in 2012, they distinguished themselves for their atmospheric and innovative sound, incorporating elements of progressive rock and metal in various forms, including death metal and thrash metal, while maintaining recognizable melodies and memorable choruses. The Moor sound explores a mix of progressive metal, electronica, and melodic death metal influences.



An Athenian post-metal and alternative band based in Berlin, Germany. Unverkalt merges their raw and versatile vocals with elements of doom, post-metal, avant-garde and alternative scenes. Rooted in the influences of European cinema, art movements and human experiences, Unverkalt´s music embraces duality of darkness and romanticism, skilfully fusing the ache of emotional turmoil with the light of catharsis and redemption. Founded in 2017 by guitarist Themis and vocalist Dimitra in Athens, Greece, the band debuted their first album, "L´Origine du Monde",  in 2020 through a partnership with Vinylstore. Shortly after the album's release, Unverkalt entered the studio to record their second full-length album in Berlin, Germany. Titled "A Lump Of Death:  A Chaos Of Dead Lovers", the album was released via Argonauta Records in 2023, featuring a theme that is grueling, powerful and intense in all of its aspects. The record received widespread acclaim, including a 9/10 review from Metal Hammer Greece. Their next chapter shows clearly that the band acquires its own identity and has a complete vision of their musical direction.


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